Erik Schlisner, E.I.

Electrical Engineer

I was born to a family of farmers who had established a homestead in southeast South Dakota.  They believed in hard work, and that you should work for everything you get.  Luckily there was also belief in playing hard after the work was done.  I had an uncle who left the farm later in life, and earned his degree as an Electrical Engineer.  He broadened my horizons and started me down my path.  I worked my way through school by taking various maintenance, landscaping, and construction jobs.  Manual labor helped motivate me in my studies.  I graduated from Walla Walla University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a concentration in Civil Engineering. 

I started my professional career at a civil engineering firm located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  After a couple years of site development work I relocated to Nashville and joined Kurzynske & Associates.  This was a bit of a career shift since my new work involved plumbing and HVAC design.  Several years later an opportunity arose to transition to the electrical field, and I have been doing electrical engineering ever since.  My career path was a bit circuitous but I believe it has made me a better engineer.  It has given me a good understanding of all aspects of a design project.

Kurzynske & Associates is a great firm to work at.  As engineers, we are empowered with the entire scope of management and design.  The team assembled here works well together, and we have a good time. 

In my down time I enjoy all things outdoor related.  My wife and I love to hike, backpack, mountain bike -- you name it.  The adventures have calmed down a bit since our family was blessed with a little girl a few years ago.  But it’s just a different sort of adventure.  Life is good.