Andy Kurzynske, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

At a very young age I remember coming into my Dad’s engineering office and playing with the blue prints laid out across the table and using the electric erasers next to the plans when no one was looking. Granddad was still active in engineering design as well, so it was always fun to run back into his office to see what new exciting things he was working on. You could say from an early age I was destined to become an engineer and join the family practice. Many of the great people I have the privilege of working with today were employees of the company back when I was a child.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga in the spring of 2013. Upon graduation, I joined Kurzynske & Associates and immediately began working on a variety of projects that have only furthered my experience and knowledge. Many of these projects include the mechanical design, construction, and project management of numerous nationally recognized quick-serve restaurant chains. I have also designed and managed various types of Plumbing and HVAC systems for higher education facilities, government agencies, and retail chains. Some of these projects include variable air volume systems, cooling tower and chiller systems, hydronic piping systems, packaged rooftop systems, split systems, and many more.

My time at Kurzynske & Associates has been a wonderful experience and is only made better by the people I have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis. Coming to work each and every day is an exciting and challenging experience. I look forward to our future as we continue to grow together as a company to meet the challenges and needs of our current and future clients.

In my free moments, I love spending time with my wife Rachel and our son Jack. We enjoy traveling, hiking, taking walks with our dogs, shopping, and hanging out with family. My hobbies include gardening, taking care of our lawn, watching sports, and playing in our church intramural programs.