Bryce Miller

Mechanical Designer

My first summer jobs, back when I was 11 to 14 years old, were to help out my grandfather and uncle on their home improvement/renovation projects. My grandfather was a plumber/pipefitter and manufacturing engineer who mainly used me as a very cheap roofer/laborer for his side handyman business. My uncle had a very old house which always had renovation projects happening. As a kid, I loved these jobs as they allowed me to pay for comic books, ice cream, and Magic: the Gathering cards. I continued helping my uncle on his house throughout my time at Hunter’s Lane High School here in Nashville, where I graduated with honors, 13th out of my class of 350 students. I was aimless in college, swapping majors four to five times before leaving school.

During and after college, I worked in manufacturing for five years at Pillsbury where I learned OSHA standards, forklift operation, enclosed spaces training, etc. I levied that experience into working construction on a few restaurants around the country. Upon finishing construction on a restaurant in southern Florida, I was asked out of the blue by the same uncle mentioned above if I wanted to give mechanical design a shot.  His friend had an engineering firm and was looking for some help. I taught myself AutoCAD during a free trial over the next month and some years later, here I still am with the firm.

My work experience with the firm includes mechanical and plumbing design and site investigation of numerous restaurants, retail stores, schools, and office buildings. I am well versed in BIM modeling software. I am also LEED accredited and have a serious interest in energy conservation. During my free time, I enjoy riding my bicycle, reading, and all varieties of games, board and video.